Cribit Seeds – finding value through seed for farmers. How does a family farm business do this? We do this by partnering with great genetic suppliers like SeCan and DEKALB to obtain oat, barley, wheat and soybean varieties and then testing them in hundreds of small plots on our farms. Then we produce pedigreed seed of selected varieties to increase seed stock.  Finally our dedicated staff condition and apply appropriate treatment technology on the seed in our accredited state of the science facility.

Seed Varieties and Hybrids

For over 25 years we’ve supplied leading varieties with great genetics in the seed to farmers through a network of retailers. Discover more about the varieties and hybrids we offer that can sprout a new season.

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Wintermar Grains

We offer food grade oat, barley and soft white winter wheat contracts. For more than a decade we have pearled, roasted and flaked these grains for use in craft brewing, baking or soup. You might already be enjoying some of our grains!

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Agronomy and Research

We are a curious bunch and seek to find varieties and seed treatments that increase yields. We assist with projects like determining the optimum nitrogen rates for oats and barley. And we have a passion, spanning years, testing cover crop management practises to improve soil quality …because organic matter, matters!

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