Cribit Seeds Mission is:

To find value through seed for farmers and seed industry partners, from our own experience, using proven technology.

Cribit Seeds

Cribit Seeds mission is to find value through seed for farmers, from our own experience, with seed industry partners, using proven technology. Our seed treatment facility demonstrates our commitment to seed and follows more than twenty years of experience in testing, growing, conditioning and merchandising seed varieties of barley, oats, wheat and soybeans. This facility applies the latest seed treatment technology to large volumes of packaged or bulk seed. Cribit Seeds also provides the seed stock for farmers who choose to grow food grains under contract with a related business, Wintermar Grains.

 As a member, Cribit Seeds obtains most of its varieties from SeCan, a national association dedicated to finding the best available genetics. Cribit Seeds production and processing quality system is registered with the Canadian Seed Institute and ISO 9001:2008 which assures that our customers and dealer network receive consistent high quality seed. For over a decade this family owned business has also been entrusted to provide production, conditioning and packaging services for DEKALB brand soybeans.

Cash bids


2012 Oats  -new crop $265/ton
2012 Barley –new crop $230/ton
2011 Oats – old crop $285/ton
2011 barley – old crop $275/ton