Finding value through seed for farmers

Core Values

Cribit Seeds Prides itself on providing a positive and respectful work environment. We demonstrate what we value as a company, by ensuring we respect the collective core values of both ourselves and our employees.

Our Values:

  • Commitment to product and service
  • Caring to co-workers, customers and suppliers
  • Community- giving back
  • Ownership- being invested in the company
  • Teamwork- working to build a positive team


Wintermar Farms (1989) Ltd.

Originally incorporated in the 1960’s by the Martin family, Wintermar Farms has followed an interesting metamorphosis out of a dairy farm.  In 1989 brothers Keith and Quentin started construction of the existing seed production and processing facility on the Katherine Street farm. Keith’s eldest son Craig joined shortly after, and the seed business and farming operation continued steady growth. Cribit Seeds was registered as a business and became the seed marketing brand to distinguish it from the farming operation. During the late 1980’s and 90’s an equity position was also held in First Line Seeds Ltd. based in Guelph. This evolved into our current relationship as a producer, processor and retailer of DeKalb brand soybeans.

To fully utilize our cleaning facility on a year round basis, they began cleaning grain for the food and feed industry. By this time they had several long term employees and Craig’s brother Jason and brother-in-law Andrew joined the business. Good human resource drove growth and in 2005 the opportunity arose to purchase the food grain processing portion of a Fergus based business, Gilbertson and Page (Canada) Inc. and that equipment was placed in a new facility on the farm.

Wintermar Grains was then registered as the food grain portion of the operation that contracts Ontario farmers to grow barley, oats, wheat and rye. These grains are pearled, dehulled, roasted or flaked into products for baking, soup or beverage manufacturing. Two employees were added to operate the food plant. Gilbertson and Page (Canada) Inc. brokers the majority of Wintermar Grains products.

In 2010 and 2011 a major reinvestment into the Cribit Seed side of the business took place with the doubling of the seed warehouse and construction of a seed treatment tower. This facility accurately applies the latest seed treatment technology to large volumes of packaged or bulk seed. With genetics provided by seed industry partner SeCan, Cribit Seeds aggressively returned to the seed wheat business in the fall of 2012…and boy did that go over well!Picture17