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Spring Cereals

Cribit Seeds offers the best available SeCan cereal genetics. Since we host variety screening locations for SeCan (link to cereal research piece under Research and Tech) we have the opportunity to observe varieties in plots two or three years before they are commercially available. By the time a new variety is offered we are well acquainted with its strengths and limitations. We also offer a range of certified cereal seed mixtures, including specially tailored mixtures for harvest as cereal forage. Check out our three year multi-site replicated trial results.

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Winter Cereals

Winter Wheat (1)

Table 3a – Ontario Winter Wheat Performance Trial – Cumulative Yield Indices1, Intensive Trials  Summary for Area II2, OCCC, August 2015

Emp3aa Fungicide treatments included a T1 application of foliar fungicide at Zadoks Growth Stage 30 to 31, followed by a T3 application of fusarium fungicide during flowering.1  Values differing by less than 3 within a column may not represent true differences in yield. Yield Indices are Heritability Adjusted Relative Values (HARV), which favour results from trial locations with high repeatability. For more information, see: Yan, W. Use of HARV in Variety Trial Summaries. 2  Area II: see map of areas on www.gocereals.ca/variety_trial.php. 3  sww = soft white winter, srw = soft red winter, hrw = hard red winter. 4  Cultivar yield rankings may vary from year to year. Decisions are therefore best made using data with the greatest number of years. The OCCC is thankful to the Grain Farmers of Ontario, BASF, Bayer and Syngenta for their financial support towards the managed trials.

 Table 5b – Ontario Winter Wheat Performance Trials; Varietal Characteristics Based on Data from Area II OCCC, August 2015

Emp3aa   For traits not reported on this table see other area trait tables or previous year’s performance trials. Not all traits are expressed in any given year or area. Head to Head comparisons on GoCereals.ca website give multi-year data for trait characteristics.
  • Fusarium ratings are based on Fusarium head blight index and deoxynivalenol (DON) levels from inoculated provincial trials.
MR=moderately resistant (best); MS=moderately susceptible; S=susceptible; HS=highly susceptible (worst).
  • For ratings 0-9, a high score is undesirable
Heading may vary from year to year and should only be used to indicate relative differences.
* Above reports from: Ellen Sparry. “Ontario Winter Wheat Performance Trails”. http://www.gocereals.ca/2015_WW_Public_Sept13v1.pdf* [August 10, 2016]. Ontario Cereal Crop Committee. Internet: www.gocereals.ca [September. 14, 2015].