Cribit Seeds has recently proven their dedication and commitment to the seed industry by completing a new seed treatment facility.  The facility was designed to not elevate treated product.  This minimizes the “run-off” of treatment and keeps it on the seed.  This was also designed with the thought of  applying Hi-Stick (hi-coat) to soybeans.  Dekalb has paired up with Becker Undewood, and has been working to apply the seed treatment along with the soybean inocculant.    As agriculture has progressed, so has seed treatments.  Currently companies are mixing insecticides and multiple fungicides together to create the a product that has control over multipul diseases and insects.  Cribit seeds currently has the ability to mix fungicides, insectidies and bio logical seed treatments together.  The new facility will allow for new products and new treatment options to be applied in a quality fashion.

The equipment in the facility was designed to enhance the best genetics with proven technology, the seed treatment facililty includes: an aspirator, computor controlled high speed applicator, dust control systems, and custom manufactured mixing equipment.  The tower includes hopper bins wth a capacity of 3500 units of treated seed that can quickly be shipped as bulk or packaged into totes or bags.