Growing food grain for us starts with the goal of producing a high yielding, high test weight, uniform crop…with a few more details.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Fill out all the grower information on the top third of page one.
  2. Review the Quality Checklist to see that there is nothing that will cause too much grief. Weed and disease control are a must.

The combine is the biggest offender of purity.  After you think you have the combine clean, give it 3 quick flushes with the contracted crop. It only takes a few bushels, but doing it three times does the trick.  A US state university proved this.

  1. Check the Quality Specifications for the crop you’re growing on the top of page two.

In addition to the base price, there is an opportunity for a test weight premium (an oat crop weighing 245g/half litre will receive a $7.00/tonne premium). Rarely do we see grade discount, if our production Guide is followed. If for any reason your crop is a wreck, you are not responsible for replacing it, but we will need a sample to verify the quality issue.

  1. We farm too and understand that up to 50 % of the result is weather dependent.
  2. Check the Harvest Delivery or On Farm Storage box on page one . We have built a lot of storage and understand the cost/value.

If you choose to store on farm we pay a $5.00/tonne ‘elevation’ premium and daily storage that amounts to $2/tonne/mth. If you deliver your crop at harvest there is no elevation fee. If the crop is not priced by September 15, then we start charging storage at the same rate per tonne until you price the crop.

  1. Read the Pricing Information.  You can price the crop anytime between signing the Commitment form and June 1st of next crop year. Again this is an acreage commitment not a tonnage contract…see No. 4 above!

We create a purchase order whenever a price point is confirmed. We need the signed commitment first. We also need the purchase order signed and returned to be valid unless the pricing line was initialed at the time the contract was signed.

  1. We try to make this farmer friendly. If you have any questions, please call.
  2. Please check the crop periodically, especially prior to times of anticipated weed and disease control. Report any problems right away.
  3. If you’re satisfied this is a good fit for you then please sign the Commitment in the middle of page one and mail back in the envelope provided. Thank you.