2016 Cribit Seeds Research Partnerships

Cribit Seeds and SeCan cereal variety & management plot trials

  • evaluation of experimental lines of wheat, oat and barley provided by SeCan
  • contributing to a barley malt variety study through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • evaluation of management practices including seeding rate, seed treatment, micronutrient addition

University of Guelph spring wheat and barley breeding program plot trials

  • under the direction of Dr. Ali Navabi, Professorship in Wheat Breeding, U of G
  • we are a host location for evaluation of experimental lines and financial supporter
  • new lines are the result of crosses made by a plant breeder and after this screening year the best lines will be advanced to become registered varieties


Monsanto Research plots

  • for many years Cribit Seeds has hosted a Monsanto soybean research location
  • this includes thousands of small plots for screening their latest Genuity traits and lines

Monsanto Development strip trials for soybeans

  • Soybeans planted into high amounts of corn residue

University of Guelph Gryphon’s LAAIR project

  • under the direction of Dr. Bill Deen, Associate Professor, Plant Agriculture, U of G
  • host location for aerial (drone mounted) thermal imaging of crops to evaluate soil type differences, deficiencies of nutrient or disease within field crops
Cribit Seeds and BioAg product evaluation.

  • strip trial with local grower to evaluate a pea inoculant in cereal forage mix
  • strip trial evaluation of seed applied biological root enhancer

Cribit Seeds and Endo Plant Health Inc. biological foliar spray

  • split field trial, to evaluate control of white mold in soybeans

Cribit Seeds and SeCan soybean variety strip trials

  • evaluation of new soybean varieties